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Maryland’s authoritative guide to divorce.

Advisory Board

We are a group of lawyers, discernment counselors, financial neutrals, child specialists and mediators who believe that the best clients are educated and informed, and one size does not fit all. In early 2019 we set out to provide a resource for Maryland residents containing practical advice on the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce and family law issues. We launched our website in mid-2019 and we are still growing. We are available to steer you in the direction which best suits your family, your finances and your future, and to support you throughout the process. Feel free to contact us with questions about divorce and family issues.

Kathleen Wobber

Kathleen Wobber is an attorney committed to meeting the specific needs of both parties and their children for more predictable outcomes and less acrimony in the divorce process. For more than 25 years, Kathleen has successfully been using creative methods to help families resolve their disputes, including mediation, Collaborative Law and settlement negotiation. Kathleen’s goal is to remove the fear from divorce by providing education to clients and help them make good decisions about the future. While Kathleen handles litigated cases and is skilled in the courtroom, she believes that families are better serves through alternative dispute resolution. Kathleen is a partner with Wobber Law Group in Towson, Maryland and is the President of the Divorce Resource Center of Maryland advisory board. She graduated cum laude from George Washington University and worked for the Secret Service before attending William & Mary Law School. Kathleen has published numerous articles on alternative dispute resolution, has taught mediation to mental health professionals, has presented seminars on Collaborative Law to attorneys around the State of Maryland and has lectured on Collaborative Law and practice management, both at the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland Law Schools.

Amy S. Mazer, LCSW-C

Amy Mazer is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 38 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families.  Amy is a psychotherapist, a Collaborative Divorce Coach, a Co-Parenting Consultant & Mediator and a Parent Coordinator.  Amy works with couples who are contemplating separation and/or divorce to help them gain clarity in choosing a path forward, discerning whether to work to repair the marriage or to pursue separation and divorce in the most respectful and child-centered way possible.  For families in the midst of a separation or divorce Amy’s work centers on helping them to navigate through this life transition, address co-parenting issues, develop a parenting plan and build a cooperative co-parenting relationship.  In her role as a Mediator or Collaborative Divorce Coach she facilitates respectful communications and assists parents in reaching resolution on specific child related issues and/or the development of a customized and comprehensive parenting plan.  In her role as a Parent Coordinator she facilitates respectful and constructive communications in order to resolve parental conflicts and ensure child centered decisions are made.  Regardless of her role, her work centers on helping parents build and maintain a constructive, cooperative and respectful co-parenting relationship so that children can thrive. Amy has been a leader in Maryland’s Collaborative community; she has been a past President and Board member of the Howard County Collaborative Professionals, Past President and Co-Founder of the Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore, past President of the state-wide organization Maryland Collaborative Practice Council (now MACP) and currently in her 3rd year as a Board member of the Collaborative Project of Maryland, a program offering low bono and pro bono Collaborative services.  She has co-led workshops on Collaborative Practice for NASW, University of Maryland’s School of Social Work’s Continuing Education program and introductory trainings for Collaborative Practice.  She was featured in an article in NASW News September, 2014 entitled Peaceful Solutions: Collaborative Divorce Promotes Civility. Amy’s primary office is in Baltimore county though she provides services for clients from many neighboring counties. 

Shawn Miller, CDFA

Shawn started his career as an intern at Prudential Securities in 1995.

In 2010, after being a former Broker for Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, Shawn started Sovereign Financial Services. He had the vision to take investing back to what it used to be and using the lost model of one client at a time. The ideal behind Sovereign is to treat every client as if they are the only client. Spending as much time as we need to identify; who our clients are, what their goals and wishes are, analyzing assets, income, liabilities and expenses to gain the full financial picture. Just as a doctor has to know the ailment before they can dispense the medicine, we have the complete view and understanding of our client before we make any recommendations.

Working in the heart of Towson has given us the opportunity to work with a lot of professionals including lawyers, therapists, and accountants.

As these professionals experienced our approach, we were asked to consult on divorce planning. Our comprehensive approach to financial planning helps divorcing couples and their attorneys understand the impact of dividing assets and income to determine the short and long term financial impacts of any proposed settlement.  We use alternative dispute resolution tools in our practice including Mediation, Collaborative Law and Financial Counseling and Shawn is a  trainer for the Finances in Divorce for Collaborative Law and has co-led introductory trainings for Collaborative Practice. 

Being a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst has allowed to us to be a better partner with local attorneys and serve the divorcing population in Baltimore and surrounding counties.